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organization and elaine chow the former labor secretary under president george w. bush. okay, david. i'm going to let you take a swing at this right off the bat. because when i saw these numbers come down, i thought to myself, wait a second. it wasn't too long ago when i believe it was senator obama complaining that george w. bush thought 200 or 300,000 jobs added was a good number. this is 80,000 jobs. this cannot be spun as good news for americans. >> it's not good news for america. let's recall though that obama made that complaint before we suffered the biggest financial crisis in american history, you know, after the wall street crash of 1929. we lost 9 million jobs as a result of that crisis when obama took office, we were hemorrhaging 700,000 jobs a month. unemployment hit 10%. so in many ways we have come a long way. we haven't lost any jobs in the last two years. we are making progress. clearly not enough progress. in retrospect that stimulus was not nearly big enough in 2009. that american jobs act that the president tried to pass last september should have been enacted by congress.
way he is addressing people who have had success. >> bill: the way i see this george w. bush had almost the same thing that people liked bush the younger, even when his policies on iraq and the economy were going south. they still separated his job performance from the man. and it seems like they are doing the same thing with barack obama. you know, he comes across as very accessible and kind of a certainly not an intimidating man. he keeps his composure almost always. so, while you are saying yeah, that his policy and his view of what american capitalism should be and i agree with that i think he made an enormous mistake saying that entrepreneurs really weren't responsible for their own success, i think that the folks are separating the policy from the guy. do you disagree. >> they always do that to the president. as you said, george bush had high ratings until the last maybe five or six weeks. and i think that's happening to the president. as he tries to walk away from what he just said, i think he is going to hurt himself even more. and you know he is saying he didn't mean wha
legislations and republic senate. >> bill: there is truth to what you say. george w. bush spent like a wild man in his eight years in office and he did embrace the entitlement culture to some extent. but the whole philosophy of barack obama and the democratic party is that this is the just society going from 6% welfare to 35% in 50 years that's a good thing it's going to strengthen the country. >> i don't think anyone is saying that democrats would like to get more money into the economy. put money into people's pockets and spend the. >> bill: give it to me. >> not give it. moody's reported the economists, not a left wing publication that says for every dollar that's spent on food stamps, 1.72 comes into the economy. every dollar spent on unemployment -- 63 goes -- >> bill: i don't care about that because what the united states is doing right now to pay the food stamps and everything else is they are printing money. which, in the long run is going to erode. >> it's putting money back into the economy. >> it's putting bogus money back into the economy. >> also you mentioned jfk. >> you just avoi
was breaking out of those constraints. we tried to strangle him. he tried to assassinate. george h.w. bush. he continued to threaten kuwait. yes i wish we had been right or the intelligence agencies had been right about the state of the weapons program. the middle east without saddam hussein and a chance at a more democratic much better place. >> what are you going to say not moms and dads and husbands and wives whose loved ones are dead or maimed,iraq is in a civil war which is absolutely possible because poment is withdrawing all the american troops now. and then it's just a mass chaotic situation. what are you going to say to them? >> i'm not going to deal in a hypothetical had call because right now we have an iraq that that is is trying to build. >> shaky. >> it's shaky. all young democracies are shaky. >> bill: this is a civil war. >> we have an iraq, bill, that isn't in' contra distinction to the iranians seeking weapons of mass destruction. we have an iraq that is about to be the ninth largest purchaser of american military equipment in the world. fourth largest in the region. we have
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)